A modular space-building system that offers durability, affordability, and versatility to provide basic supplies that create shelters, beds, walls, and more.

Due to the current demand for humanitarian aid around the world, from refugees or natural disasters, there were very few hardware products on the market catering to those needs.

With the shortages of budgets and man-labor to construct traditional shelters, BASES makes it easy to both afford and assemble in crisis-affected areas.

How does it work?

Each kit contains three types of “bases’ modules, uniformed bamboo rods, and customized connectors.

Two types, the square and triangle, can be inflated with air for extra insulation and protection.

The 3rd type can be filled with sand to create foundation anchors when building walls. All the bases have thumb-press lock tracks and also interlock to form sleeves for the bamboo structures.

Visit “Features” to see how.

BASES will be first utilized through the hands of NGO aid-workers for field work, paving the way to introduce it to crisis-affected people in need of basic supplies.


CrowdFunding for Prototype Manufacturing

The BASES team needs your support to begin the manufacturing of the prototype in May 2016.

Join the community of supporters for the bottom-up innovative product that will change the world for the better!

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The BASES Team